Importance of new enterprises and operations of existing economic entities for development of country economies is undeniable. Educating sufficiently knowledgeable and competent business managers has become a must because increases in capacity and employment that could be enabled by profitable and efficient companies have some favorable impact on countries’ welfare. In this context, this undergraduate program with its qualified academic personnel aims at educating entrepreneurs and manager candidates who own contemporary knowledge, skills and competences and supplies students with specific courses which are mainly related to such the business science disciplines as accounting, finance, management and organization, production, human resources, marketing, and quantitative decision-making techniques. In two separate programs where the language of instruction is Turkish and English, students are equipped with theoretical knowledge and also provided practicing facilities through which they can gain technical skill.

To get a Bachelor’s degree from the program, students are required to have taken and successfully completed both all the compulsory courses and an enough number of elective courses. With the degree they receive, students may be able to apply for and attend graduate programs in the relevant fields. On the other hand, it is another career option to take positions in the related departments of public and/or private sector firms such as accounting, finance, human resources, marketing, planning and organization, and production. Moreover, the graduates who have enough financial power or support may be able to set up and run their own businesses.